On the Issues

As I started this journey, I have learned a lot about our City officials. I learned downtown folks are seen as a waste of time. I also started to pay attention to our city government. I am not a fan of politics, so I never really paid attention. It did not take long for me to see the flaws in our own city. I was told by someone looking down to me by “class structure”, that my place was with the people of lower Dubuque and they are a waste of time.

I have been to people’s residences in lower Dubuque. It is pathetic how they are living. I can almost imagine the rent they pay for apartments that are surprisingly not condemned. If property taxes go up, rent has too also because rent is an investment to some landlords. But there are also many landlords that are not held accountable for their negligence and disregard of habitable standards.

Wasteful spending is another concern I have heard like a broken record. While giving pay raises and creating cushy jobs for their clan, raising your taxes for their benefit along with their pet projects. Someday our children will be paying for this. Not to mention the incentives and tax breaks these companies and bigger corporations are getting at your expense. When do you get to catch a break?

Transparency and community are also high on the list of things that need help. I have never personally met any of our city officials, besides to serve them as customers in restaurants I used to work at. I would like to be a public servant, which means I have no problem getting out there and speaking to the people of the community. Along the same lines, our city officials are terrible when it comes to transparency. The mask mandates are just one example. Did anyone get the notice that they were having a meeting to mandate masks?

I feel we need more community involvement when it comes to city spending and even the funneling of funds, job opportunities within the city. This should also be offered on the table, not only offered to a select few. The community should be more involved when it comes to issues like taxes and “ordinances.” Even the city website needs updating. Who can navigate through that nightmare? Most things are outdated when it comes to finances and I believe that should be a bit concerning. How there is a lack of transparency when it comes to city finances and nothing less than a dictatorship if the people do not have a say in the way their city is operated?

I also believe it is time for the good ol’ boys, to retire. I think it is time for them to leave, and let the next generation step up. You cannot fix new problems with old solutions. And you cannot fix an old broken-down machine with duct tape and expect it to work. We need to take our chance on something new and be done with the old, because the old has not been working for you residents of Dubuque. Are you ready for change? I am running for Mayor and I ask for your vote.