Meet April

I am a full-time mother and homeschool mom of two amazing teen boys. I am also a student at Loras College, pursuing a degree in both Psychology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Politics. I was the first year official President of the Honor Society at NICC and moved my team from the ground up with no existing foundation. One of my projects was creating a Legacy project with NICC, PTK and the community of annual Christmas caroling events with local nursing homes.

I have earned several leadership awards throughout my first few years in college and my most recent having received the All Iowa Academic Team Award.

I have lived in Dubuque since I was in high school. I have attempted to leave Dubuque a number of times to spread my wings, just to find out that there is no place like home in the end. I am happy to be a Dubuquer. However, the last few years I have started identifying problems within our local government and decided to not just sit back and watch my people of Dubuque become fiddles for our local government to fill their pockets. As our taxes climb their pockets get full. I maybe young with minimal political experience. But I know what is right and stand by my convictions. So, I am stepping out of my comfort zone to face those using the residents of Dubuque as their personal bank accounts and for their own personal agendas. If you follow the national news, you hear about all the corrupt business dealings and partisan agendas in the National Government. I can tell you they are here in Dubuque too. I ask for your help in making a difference in the city we call Home.